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Challenges Solved by OpenID ConnectTitle: Challenges Solved by OpenID Connect  Views: 994
Description: Challenges Solved by OpenID Connect - How to share authentic ...(more)
Security Intelligence: Recipe for SuccessTitle: Security Intelligence: Recipe for Success  Views: 1166
Description: Security Intelligence: Recipe for Success conduct Take stock ...(more)
Extended Personal Data Processing PrinciplesTitle: Extended Personal Data Processing Principles  Views: 910
Description: Extended Personal Data Processing Principles - Data to be pu ...(more)
Cost/Benefit Analysis of CloudTitle: Cost/Benefit Analysis of Cloud  Views: 932
Description: Cost/Benefit Analysis of Cloud - "There are many benefi ...(more)
Android Spy Apps Title: Android Spy Apps   Views: 1145
Description: Android Spy Apps - 3D Porsche Sports Car HD Live Wallpapers. ...(more)
Structuring business relationshipTitle: Structuring business relationship  Views: 1096
Description: "Structuring business relationship - Company Secret Mar ...(more)
The Hiring and Retention ChallengeTitle: The Hiring and Retention Challenge  Views: 1088
Description: The Hiring and Retention Challenge - The disappearing woman: ...(more)
Embed, edit, and preview filesTitle: Embed, edit, and preview files  Views: 1012
Description: "Add a presentation, document, or spreadsheet into a On ...(more)
Characteristics of advanced threatsTitle: Characteristics of advanced threats  Views: 1110
Description: Single minded, determined and innovative, Target individuals ...(more)
Classical Information-centric SecurityTitle: Classical Information-centric Security  Views: 923
Description: The Information-centric Security Lifecycle which covers the ...(more)
Operating with PersonasTitle: Operating with Personas  Views: 948
Description: Persona identifiers can be created by joining two identifier ...(more)
Managing Facility Programs Begins with Controlling Title: Managing Facility Programs Begins with Controlling   Views: 1006
Description: Managing Facility Programs Begins with Controlling & Mon ...(more)
Cyber Jihad VS CyberterrorismTitle: Cyber Jihad VS Cyberterrorism  Views: 1186
Description: Cyclical news pattern also known as "the cycle of paran ...(more)
The Three Pillars of the German Banking SectorTitle: The Three Pillars of the German Banking Sector  Views: 1088
Description: There are three pillars of the german banking sector are pri ...(more)
Virtualization Unfriendly LicensingTitle: Virtualization Unfriendly Licensing  Views: 1062
Description: Virtualization Unfriendly Licensing - Software license that ...(more)
Security Update Adoption RatesTitle: Security Update Adoption Rates  Views: 1058
Description: Security Update Adoption Rates - Using data gathered from th ...(more)
The Importance of ComputersTitle: The Importance of Computers  Views: 1071
Description: The Importance of Computers - Computers are a major source o ...(more)
Non-adaptive playTitle: Non-adaptive play  Views: 1238
Description: Non-adaptive play - A non-adaptive strategy plays on blindly ...(more)
ZAP GoalsTitle: ZAP Goals  Views: 1131
Description: Simple, web based tool to quickly determine the level of ris ...(more)
Benefits of WebSocketsTitle: Benefits of WebSockets  Views: 884
Description: Benefits of WebSockets - No separate up and downstream conne ...(more)
Total record(s) 952 , Page No. 33 , Max 20 Records Per Page -
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