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Transistor Cost-per-Node TrendsTitle: Transistor Cost-per-Node Trends  Views: 1024
Description: Cost-per-transistor from .13 micron through 10nm has been st ...(more)
The Value Of Better TransistorsTitle: The Value Of Better Transistors  Views: 686
Description: Performance per watt is the critical enabler for all trnsist ...(more)
Big data is Extremely FragmentedTitle: Big data is Extremely Fragmented  Views: 859
Description: In 1980s the series M*A*S*H became the most watched televisi ...(more)
Incumbent vs. Open/Web CloudTitle: Incumbent vs. Open/Web Cloud  Views: 825
Description: See slide for difference between incumbent and Open/web clou ...(more)
Basic Concept of Editing ITRSTitle: Basic Concept of Editing ITRS  Views: 833
Description: ムーアの法則1チ ...(more)
Robot Research And DevelopmentTitle: Robot Research And Development  Views: 821
Description: ヒューマノイド, ...(more)
Commercialization In The General Consumer CompaniesTitle: Commercialization In The General Consumer Companies  Views: 1548
Description: 実用化が加速し ...(more)
Need Of Cloud ComputingTitle: Need Of Cloud Computing  Views: 1150
Description: The cloud gives us one of the greatest opportunities we have ...(more)
Research Data to Drive SolutionsTitle: Research Data to Drive Solutions  Views: 994
Description: Research Data will help to overcome complex scientific and s ...(more)
TIA-SCR For Your R and DTitle: TIA-SCR For Your R and D  Views: 956
Description: Limited to Japanese device companies participating in nation ...(more)
System Memory HierarchyTitle: System Memory Hierarchy  Views: 960
Description: O/S is DRAM aware and Also about “storage class memory ...(more)
Creating the schemaTitle: Creating the schema  Views: 1002
Description: Resources and operations will your SOE expose and Resources ...(more)
ArcGIS for DesktopTitle: ArcGIS for Desktop  Views: 938
Description: Virtualization for ArcGIS for Desktop License Manager is sup ...(more)
Multi-Temperature Warehousing Title: Multi-Temperature Warehousing   Views: 951
Description: A Mulch-Temperature Warehouse has the ability to prioritize ...(more)
Source of High Energy ParticlesTitle: Source of High Energy Particles  Views: 1061
Description: Energy Particles High energy cosmic neutrons from space coll ...(more)
SSDs Also Key to Cloud ImplementationTitle: SSDs Also Key to Cloud Implementation  Views: 1047
Description: Review of the Micron real SSD P400e SSD review and Deliverin ...(more)
The Future of Embedded Voice RecognitionTitle: The Future of Embedded Voice Recognition  Views: 1313
Description: Spansion Acoustic Coprocessor has Improves Voice Recognition ...(more)
How Many IOPS Do You NeedTitle: How Many IOPS Do You Need  Views: 1318
Description: SSDs will be priced by speed and capacity Users will benefit ...(more)
Silicon Photonics Transceiver ReliabilityTitle: Silicon Photonics Transceiver Reliability  Views: 1258
Description: Reliability of Silicon Devices Light Source, Reliability Qua ...(more)
Maxwell Ultracapacitor Product LinesTitle: Maxwell Ultracapacitor Product Lines  Views: 2572
Description: Maxwell offers a variety of sizes and configurations of ultr ...(more)
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