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BI Technologies Develops Non-Contact Hall Effect Sensor with Life Cycle up to 10 Million Rotations

Company: BI Technologies
Providing design engineers with a high accuracy, high resolution, long life cycle precision device, TT electronics BI Technologies has developed a non-contact single-turn Hall Effect sensor. Designated MagnePot, the Model 6120 Hall Effect position se ...



Company: TT electronics BI Technologies
TT electronics BI Technologies, a leading manufacturer of magnetic components including inductors, transformers and common mode chokes, has developed a new surface mount power inductor. Designated the HM72B Series, the hi ...


BI Technologies' High Power Density Inductor

Company: BI Technologies
TT electronics BI Technologies, a leading manufacturer of magnetic components including inductors, transformers and common mode chokes, has developed a high current surface mount power inductor. Designated the HA73 Series, the inductor features a hig ...


BI Technologies' Ultra Stable Precision Thin Film Resistors Featured in Passive Voltage Divider Engi

Company: BI Technologies
BI Technologies now offers a passive voltage divider engineering sample kit. The sample kits enable design engineers to prototype designs to best meet specific voltage divider and gain setting circuits in military, aerospace, industrial, and medical ...


Bi-Polar Linear Position Sensors, Hermetically Sealed Ideal for Test & Automation Applications

Company: Macro Sensors
Macro Sensors (, US-based manufacturer of LVDT Linear Position Sensors and Rotary Position Sensors, offers a bi-polar version of its DC-operated LVDT linear position sensors. Operating from ±15 V DC input, the HSD/HSDR 75 ...


Big Bang Meets Big Data: South Africa Joins ASTRON&IBM to Build Foundation for New Era of Computing

Company: IBM
South African scientists to develop rugged microservers to handle the harsh desert conditions, explore new computer architectures and develop advanced algorithms for radio astronomy imaging Square Kilometer Array (SKA) South Africa, a business uni ...


Big Data Analytics Advanced with IBM's Acquisition of Vivisimo

Company: IBM
Vivisimo software excels in capturing and delivering quality information across the broadest range of data sources, no matter what format it is, or where it resides. The software automates the discovery of data and helps employees navigate it with ...


Big Data Creates Big Jobs

Company: Gartner
Worldwide IT spending is forecast to surpass $3.7 trillion in 2013, a 3.8 percent increase from 2012 projected spending of $3.6 trillion, but it’s the outlook for big data that is creating much excitement, according to Gartner, Inc. “By ...


Big Data for Managing Water Meter Solutions

Company: IBM
As water increasingly becomes one of the world’s most precious resources, IBM (NYSE: IBM) scientists are working with Arad Group, a world leader in reliable water meter systems, to help water companies and utilities around the globe provide mor ...


Big Data Market Analysis and 2020 Forecast and Development Analyzed

Big Data” originally emerged as a term to describe datasets whose size is beyond the ability of traditional databases to capture, store, manage and analyze. However, the scope of the term has significantly expanded over the years. Big Data not ...

Big Data market forecast expected to grow from $3.2B in 2010 to $16.9 billion in 2015

Company: IDC
"The Big Data market is expanding rapidly as large IT companies and startups vie for customers and market share," said Dan Vesset, program vice president, Business Analytics Solutions at IDC. "For technology buyers, opportunities exist ...


Big Data versus Open Data: Smarter versus Richer

Company: Gartner
Whereas "big data" will make organizations smarter, open data will be far more consequential for increasing revenue and business value in today's highly competitive environments, according to Gartner, Inc. "Big data is a topic of grow ...


Big Fun Market繽紛行今天宣布將推出Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Powermat wireless charger 無綫充電薄片接收器

Samsung 最新新款“phablet”Galaxy Note 3 將獲Powermat無綫充電支援 香港公司Big Fun Market 繽紛行在三星(Samsu ...

Big Fun Market繽紛行新推PMA wireless charging無綫充&

Big Fun Market 繽紛行首推 PMA 制式 (Powermat 適用) wireless charging薄片接收器 香港Big Fun Market繽紛行剛推出一 ...

Big increase in Disaster Recovery enquiries due to floods

Norwich, UK, 14th February 2014 – MigSolv, Europe’s leading data centre consultancy and independent colocation provider, announces a big increase in enquiries for disaster recovery solutions due to the current flooding. The enquiries hav ...

Big New Update of CollageIt 3.5.0 for Mac Brings Users Newer and Better Experience

PearlMountain Technology has announced a major update of CollageIt 3.5.0, which makes it smarter, richer and stronger than ever to make photo collages. Brand new templates, wide choices of frames/masks, stickers, smart-fit with face recognition and m ...

Big Speed-up for FDM Rapid Prototyping: Stratasys Increases Throughput

Company: Stratasys
MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--(NASDAQ:SSYS) Stratasys today announced a new build option that increases throughput up to 50 percent compared with previously available options. The enhancement affects the FDM Titan and FDM Vantage systems using ABS ...


FeaturedBiggest Materials Change to Interconnect Technology in 15 Years

Applied Materials Introduces the Biggest Materials Change to Interconnect Technology in 15 Years New Endura® Volta(TM)CVD system's unique cobalt processes ease interconnect bottlenecks to enable continued Moore's Law scaling Two breakthrough ...
13-May-14937 Launches a One-Stop Shop For Sports Products

Shopping online for sports goods could not be easier thanks to the biggest online shopping mall is the most thrilling online sports retailer that brings the consumer a whole range of quality sports products without the need ...

Billion dollar 20nm Pull-in Plan Pushed through at TSMC in Special Board of Directors Meeting

Company: TSMC
The TSMC (NYSE: TSM) Board of Directors held a special meeting and approved capital appropriations of 1.046 billion to expand 28 nanometer process capacity, as well as capital appropriations of US$768.2 million to pull in 20 nanometer engineering cap ...

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