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Brewer Science Introduces First Surfactant-Free Semiconducting Carbon Nanotube Inks

Brewer Science today launched its groundbreaking inks that will change the way carbon nanotube (CNT) users manufacture microelectronic devices. The company introduced the first aqueous, surfactant-free, ready-to-use semiconducting CNT inks for ...

Brewer Science introduces the new Cee® X-PRO workstation mini-environment

Company: Brewer Science Inc.
This virtual clean room environment features a stand-alone design, enabling complete process integration for pilot-scale production and commercial R&D prototyping March 20, 2013 – Brewer Science announces the commercial relea ...


Brewer Science leads in carbon nanotube materials development by introducing new conductive CNT inks

Company: Brewer Science Inc.
November 15, 2012 - Brewer Science introduces easy-to-implement conductive carbon nanotube (CNT) inks that are stable, concentrated, and designed especially for printed electronics applications. The Brewer Science conductive CNT ink material ...


Brewer Science new-generation debonder for high-temperature slide-off of thinned compound semiconduc

Company: Brewer Science Inc.
Brewer Science new-generation debonder for high-temperature slide-off of thinned compound semiconductor substrates


FeaturedBrewer Science Opens Doors to New High-Tech Manufacturing Center

May 5, 2014 - Vichy, Mo. – Brewer Science today officially opened the doors on a new 25,000-square-foot manufacturing center that will expand Missouri’s technology footprint and result in the creation of 65 new high-tech jobs in the s ...

Brewer Science Presents "New Materials for Extending DSA Capabilities" at SEMICON Taiwan

Brewer Science Presents “New Materials for Extending DSA Capabilities” at SEMICON Taiwan “Control the Light. Change the World.” August 22, 2014 - Rolla, Mo. – Brewer Science Senior Technologist Dr. Douglas Gu ...

Brewer Science Presents Innovative Material and Process Technologies Driving Device Fabrication and

Brewer Science, Inc., will present its latest innovative materials, processes, and wafer- processing equipment critical for enabling the advancement of lithography and 3-D IC integration at SEMICON Taiwan 2013 in Taipei, Taiwan. ...

Brewer Science Presents New Materials and Process Innovation at SPIE Advanced Lithography

Company: Brewer Science Inc.
February 25, 2013 – Brewer Science, inventor of ARC® anti-reflective coatings and the OptiStack® system, continues to deliver new versatile materials and process solutions that extend the boundaries of advanced lithography. “Brew ...


Brewer Science Presents New Materials, Processes, and Equipment Innovation at SEMICON China

Company: Brewer Science Inc.
March 13, 2013 – Brewer Science, the inventor of ARC® anti-reflective coatings that have enabled the progress of advanced lithography, continues to deliver diverse technology solutions for FEOL and BEOL device fabrication which will ...


FeaturedBrewer Science Semiconductor Equipment Inventory Clearance Sale

July 23, 2013 – Brewer Science, a global technology leader in creating, developing, and manufacturing specialty materials, equipment, and process solutions for the semiconductor industry and related markets, is announcing a significant ...

FeaturedBrewer Science Shares Vision about the Semiconductor Industry at SEMICON West

The semiconductor industry is going through a major wave of consolidation along with serious technological challenges for advancing lithography. Semiconductor device scaling is still in a search for the most cost-effective path to high-volume manu ...

FeaturedBrewer Science Showcases Advancements in the Use of Carbon Nanotubes in Electronic Systems at TechCo

Brewer Science, Inc., is progressing toward the commercial use of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) in electronic systems for three emerging technology areas: material for NRAM® CNT-based memory devices, additive deposition of CNT inks for printed elect ...

Brewer Science Thin Wafer Handling Technologies Highlighted at CS MANTECH Conference

Company: Brewer Science Inc.
May 13, 2013 - Brewer Science is pleased to announce that TriQuint Semiconductor will present "Meeting the Fabrication Challenges for Backside Processing on Thin Substrates with Ultrahigh Device Topography," a paper highlighting the ...


Brewer Science to Address High-Performance HB LED Chip Fabrication at SEMICON Taiwan

Company: Brewer Science Inc.
September 4, 2012 – With large-scale adoption of LEDs for general lighting applications on the horizon, HB LED manufacturers face several challenges, including the need to reduce costs steeply from fabrication of LED chip to system, red ...


Brewer Science to Exhibit Technologies of the Future for America's Defense at Nanotechnology Conf.

Company: Brewer Science Inc.
August 6, 2012 - Brewer Science, a global leader in developing and manufacturing specialty materials, integrated processes, and laboratory-scale wafer processing equipment, is exhibiting at the 10th Annual NanoTechnology for Defense (NT4D) Co ...


Brewer Science To Present Its Latest Novel Carbon Nanotube Inks and Sensor Devices at FLEX Flexible

Brewer Science will share its latest developments in carbon nanotube (CNT) technology, processing, and materials, as well as its new advancements in two CNT-based sensor device technologies, at the 2014 FLEX Flexible and Printed Electronics Con ...

Brewer Science to Showcase Advances in Material Platforms that Extend Lithography at SPIE

Brewer Science: ‘Control the Light. Change the World.’ Brewer Science will share its latest cutting-edge advancements in lithography technology, materials, and process solutions at SPIE Advanced Lithography, 23 – 27 February ...

FeaturedBrewer Science Unveils Apogee™ Temporary Wafer Bonder at CS MANTECH

Brewer Science, Inc., a leading supplier of thin-wafer handling technology, materials, and equipment to the microelectronics industry, today unveiled the Brewer Science® Apogee™ bonder for temporary wafer bonding applications. This marks ...

Brewer Science Will Address Key Technology Trends in 3-D IC and Advanced Lithography

August 29, 2013 – Dr. Terry Brewer, founder and President of Brewer Science, will advocate a new model for collaboration within the 3-D IC supply chain at SEMICON Taiwan (September 4-6) at the TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall in Taipei, Tai ...

FeaturedBrewer Science Will Present at SEMI ‘Internet of Things’ Forum

Brewer Science Leads Discussion on New Future for Manufacturing Brewer Science will present key industry insights at the SEMI Texas Spring Forum in Austin, Texas, on April 22. SEMI is the premier global industry association serving the ...
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