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Airwheel intelligent scooter A3 mirrors the modern tech and design in the existing sector.

07, January 2016: Although A3 has been push out to the public for a long time, it is still the milestone of Airwheel. Up to now, when it comes to the latest tech and design, the two-wheeled intelligent scooter A3 takes some beating. It is even hailed ...

Airwheel Intelligent Self-Balancing Electric Motorized Scooter Leads a New Life Style

15, September 2015: Compared with other kinds of transportation drivers, rider is the most satisfied group of people, because he or she loves sports and adventure and lives optimistic. Among the different kinds of riding transports, the most frequent ...

Airwheel intelligent self-balancing electric scooter to Satisfy Riders’ Cycling Wish

04, August 2015: For bicycle fanciers, when they have ridden all kinds of bicycles tried various ways of riding, they will eventually become fed up with bicycle riding in the end. They show no interest in the hobby anymore. At this moment, they might ...

Airwheel Intelligent Self-Balancing Scooter Is Emerging a Preferable Mode of Transportation

02, May 2015: Airwheel is endeavoring to popularize a modern mode of transportation that can allow humans to commute through the busy city roads in a safe, pollution-free and energy-efficient manner. The self-balancing scooter introduced by the compa ...

Airwheel Intelligent Sitting - Posture 2 Wheel Electric Scooter A3: To-Be Mainstream Transport

01, September 2015: So far, intelligent scooter has become an increasingly common transport around the globe. Due to its rapid development, there emerge many intelligent scooters of different brands. However, the application of intelligent scooters h ...

Airwheel Knowledge Class - How Tension Impede Learning to Ride a Electric Unicycle

19, June 2015: Many beginners fall off balancing unicycles quite often. In our childhood, we run into such a similar experience when toddling. However, failure breeds success. A fall will bring more reference and experience to guarantee a safer ride ...

Airwheel M3 becomes the hit intelligent electric skateboard in European market.

04, November 2015: In the European market for intelligent self-balancing scooter, there is a hit model, i.e. Airwheel electric skateboard M3. Airwheel Technology called a new product release conference in September this year. In that new product rele ...

Airwheel M3 Electric Skateboard for Teenagers Offers a Golden Surfing in Autumn

26, October 2015: Autumn is the beautiful season. It is not hot like summer or cold like winter. All plants turn into golden and thus autumn is also called golden season. Therefore, many people start to be lively and firmly grasp this hard-won chance ...

Airwheel M3 Electric Skateboard Makes People Fall in Love with Taking Exercise

26, October 2015: Taking exercise regularly is good to improve the comprehensive physical quality of people. Some people choose jogging in the open air, but it is too monotonous if jogging for a long time. In the meantime, some people would like to t ...

Airwheel M3 good quality electric skateboards Goes on Indiegogo for 60 days

12, January 2016: Airwheel M3 wireless remote control skateboard goes on the stage of Indiegogo, and this indicates crowd-funding potential for market expansion. The time-tested performance and potential helps Airwheel product series easily approved ...

Airwheel M3 Intelligent electric skateboard's perfect combination with the platform of Indiegogo

21, January 2016: Airwheel has established a core R&D team with global vision. It devotes itself to be the leader of portable and smart transport industry throughout the world. Once design a good and practical product, it will make people benefit ...

Airwheel M3 PU Electric Skateboards, a blend of traditional and modern technology.

20, October 2015: Since Airwheel called its first new product conference on 18 June this year, it is nearly 3 months. During the interval of 3 month, the public and numerous scooter-lovers were impatient to wait for the next new product conference. T ...

Airwheel M3 self-balancing air board welcomes supporters' suggestions through Indiegogo

13, January 2016: Since establishment, Airwheel is a high-tech enterprise with global vision. In order to have consumers to get a well knowledge about the product concept of Airwheel, Airwheel pulls together to crowdfunding via Indiegogo. On Dece ...

Airwheel M3 wireless remote control skateboard—an affordable and classy present

05, November 2015: In Kazakhstan, there is such a post-80 father whose son like fancy cars. His father cannot afford to buy it. However, this father does not want to disappoint his son. As his son’s birthday is near at hand, his father decided ...

Airwheel mini mobility self balancing skateboard Wants to Show People the Permanent Beauty

08, February 2016: When he wants to change, Andres Amador, a former programmer, quitted his job and step into the field of landscape art—he started to create massive sand drawings on the beaches during full moons when his “canvas” r ...

Airwheel mini mobility self balancing skateboard, the Next International Alliance of Uber?

12, October 2015: Taxi has become a necessity in people daily and related APP is no exception. In US, the king of taxi APP is the renowned Uber which is China the reign belongs to Dida and Kuaidi. China and U.S are the biggest nations in the world, a ...

Airwheel mini mobility Two-wheeled Electric Scooter : a Good Assistant for Security Guards

09, September 2015: Security guards can be found almost in every public place, such as residential blocks, train stations, parks, shopping centres and etc. Shopping malls either big or small need security guards to ensure the good running of all kind ...

Airwheel offers self-balancing electric unicycles and scooters

United States of America; 20, May 2015: Transportation industry has witnessed growth throughout the years with constant research and development. New and better technologies have emerged to strike a balance between science and nature. One of the newl ...

Airwheel personal transportation Electric Self-balancing Scooter A3-Five Things You Need to Know

20, August 2015: This new product tries to give users as much convenience and safety as possible, which is different from its unicycle predecessors, X-series, Q-series and S-series. A variety of breakthroughs is bound to usher in a new era of A3. Her ...

Airwheel personal transporter electric scooter Creates Luck in Daily Life

19, September 2015: Everyone wants luck in their daily life. How can people create good luck in everyday life? Creating luck in life is not about carrying a rabbit’s foot around with you, avoiding black cats or wearing lucky pants. The most eff ...
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