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7 Of The Biggest Celebrity Engagement Rings

It seems that everything stars do is larger than life, so it’s no surprise that many celebrity engagement rings feature over-the-top diamonds. After all, what says “I’ll love you forever” better than a ring that no one could ...

7.5 Percent of U.S. Adults Lost Money as a Result of Some Sort of Financial Fraud in 2008

Company: Gartner
Gartner Says 7.5 Percent of U.S. Adults Lost Money as a Result of Some Sort of Financial Fraud in 2008 Victims of Electronic Checking and/or Savings Account Transfer Fraud Were Nearly Five Times More Likely to Change Banks Because of Security Concer ...


71 Percent of Respondents Using SaaS for Less Than Three Years Gartner's Survey

Company: Gartner
Adoption of software as a service (SaaS) has grown dramatically among users of enterprise software solutions, but it varies widely within markets, according to Gartner, Inc. A recent Gartner survey showed 71 percent of organizations have been using S ...


73% of Countries with 4G Services Have Dropped Their 4G Tariffs by an Average of 30% in the 6 Months

Company: ABI Research
“India currently offers the lowest priced plan in ABI Research’s Mobile Internet Pricing Q4-2012 survey. India’s lowest priced mobile data plans decreased 29.4% year-on-year (YoY) compared to Q4-2011, when it ranked fourth,” ...


8-year-old’s mobile app cooks up healthful social platform for kids

Company: Intel
8-year-old’s mobile app for iPhone and Android cooks up healthful social platform for kids. Mobile apps are a dime a dozen — the Apple App Store just hit the 50-billion download milestone — but not many are the brainchild of a seco ...


80 Million Americans Suffer From Sleepless Nights but Now a New Cure Has Just Been Launched

Company: Mouthguard For Snoring
Throughout the USA millions of Americans are having restless nights plagued by snoring. Either their own or their partners snoring is driving them crazy and seriously affecting relationships. Millions of Americans have taken to sleeping in separate ...


80 percent of Mobile Subscribers Will be in Developing Countries by Year 2017

Company: Strategy Analytics
Emerging Markets To Grow Almost 3 Times Faster Than Developed Countries Boston, MA - March 7, 2013 - Over the next five years, the worldwide base of mobile subscriptions will rise to 8.9 billion, and four out of five of these will be in developi ...


800 Million Smartphones shipped in 2013: lower than researcher estimates

Forward Concepts, a leader in DSP and wireless market research is proud to announce the publication of its newest report, "Comprehensive Cellphone & Tablet Chip Markets '14." The 478-page report provides a detailed market analysis of all significant ...

802.15.4 Chipset Market to Approach $155 Million in 2014, Says ABI Research

Company: ABI Research
Contact: Christine Gallen | Tel: +44.20.7096.1594 | Fax: 516-624-2501 | pr@abiresearch.com To setup a briefing with an ABI Research analyst on this subject, click here. 802.15.4 Chipset Market to Approach $155 Million in 2014, Says ABI Research ...


80x2 dots 16-Colors LCD Driver – RA8860

Company: RAiO Technology Inc.
A LCD Driver & Controller for Field Sequential Liquid Crystal Display (FSLCD) application.


850 M IEEE 802.15.4 Chipsets to Ship in 2016, Despite Strong Competition from Bluetooth

Company: ABI Research
The IEEE 802.15.4 IC market, often referred to as wireless sensor networks (WSN), will expand to over 850 million units per annum by 2016, experiencing a compound annual growth rate of over 60% from 2010 to 2016. While growth is led by advanced meter ...


Featured9 Money Smart Tips for Your Smartphone

Your smartphone can save you money in everyday activities, from shopping to making long-distance phone calls. For all of its capabilities, there are times when your smartphone might seem expensive. But many cost-cutting techniques exist that can h ...

90 Seconds Fat Loss – The Most Important and Innovative Weight Loss Technique in Decades

“If anyone wants to shed the extra fats from a greatly bulging body, and become slimmer again without diet control or vigorous workouts, then‘90 Seconds Fat Loss’ technique proves to be the best for fast weight loss at home.” ...

98.8% of the Personalized Cancer WGS Market Remains Untapped in US

With continued improvements, WGS is likely to be used in Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) and other rare cancers to detect mutations and guide treatment. In future, it is even possible that WGS would become standard practice for the management of most ca ...

A Beginner's Guide to Writing a Novel

No one is born a novel writer. But do you believe that we all possess the capability to be writers? Not possible since it could appear however the answer is yes! If we've got the passion for it and if we strive to produce it happen, novelwriting is u ...

A Book on Holistic Personal Transformation by Mihoko Sekido

Downloading the Universe Releases May 21st – Order a Copy Today 20th May 2014 – Life as they say is not easy but somehow every individual has to make an attempt to live it to the fullest. While positive thinking plays an important role i ...

A brief review of affiliate marketing network with FiveLead India

Company: fivelead.in
FiveLead India is one such corporation that has contributed to the spreading of affiliate marketing network. Clients all across the globe are associated with the thriving of this marketing strategy. Being a newer and broader source of selling and pur ...


A brush like never before: Hourglass Ambient Brush

Hourglass Ambient Brush has been released in the market so as to drive out the usual brush made of animal hairs. As animal hairs are taken by exploitation of the animals, hourglass ambient brush does not adhere to such practices. This brush is PETA ...

A Business Report for Pioneer Natural Resources Company

Pioneer Natural Resources Company, Company Intelligence Report Pioneer Natural Resources (Pioneer) is an independent oil and gas exploration and production company headquarter in Texas, US. Pioneer mostly operates in the US, with assets located in t ...

A Centrally Located Pawn Shop in Columbus

Columbus, the largest city in the state of Ohio is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. Columbus is the 15th largest city in the United States and it has a diverse economy based on banking, fashion, defence, government, insur ...
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