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Data Centre Carbon and Water Efficiency featured at European Conference

Company: BroadGroup
April 18th 2011 - New measurements for data centre efficiency defined by industry alliance The Green Grid, will feature in a plenary debate at the 7th annual DataCentres 2011 The Green Grid consortium, which developed the widely used PUE metric f ...


Data Centre Design Services

Data centers have their origins in the large computer areas of the early ages of the computing sector. Early computer systems were complicated to operate and keep, and needed a special setting in which to function. Many wires were necessary to connec ...

Data Centre security is still flawed say Sentry42

Company: Migration Solutions
March 25th 2011 - Sophisticated cyber-attacks like last year’s stuxnet worm grab the headlines and trigger massive investment in anti-virus software but the chief threat to data centre security today remains ‘physical’ according to ...


Data centres colocate to cut Carbon footprint

Company: Liz Hartney
April 13th 2011- ‘Cutting their carbon footprint’ is cited as one of the top ten reasons for colocating the company’s data centre according to Norwich-based Sentry42. “The majority of UK data centres are under 500 ft2 and ...


Data Dynamics Presents the Top 10 Challenges Facing Enterprise Storage Professionals During Heteroge

File-Based Storage Experts Make Recommendations to Reduce Migration-Related Downtime and Performance Issues TEANECK, NJ, September 18, 2013 -- Data Dynamics, Inc., a leader in solutions for the discovery, reporting, migration, and management of fil ...

Data Processing Driving Global Semiconductor Market Shipments

Global Semiconductor Market is witnessing a healthy growth with the increasing demand from the electronics segment in numerous applications. In global semiconductor application market, data processing dominates the total semiconductor market shipment ...

Data Processing Leading the Semiconductor Application Market

Global Semiconductor Industry is driven by growth in electronic applications as almost each and every electronic item uses semiconductor in some or the other way. In the semiconductor application market, data processing dominates the total semiconduc ...

Data Security moves up the agenda, says Becrypt Survey

Company: Becrypt
April 20th 2011 - Leading IT and data security experts Becrypt has commissioned research into attitudes and trends within the public sector. The research, which was conducted using qualitative interview techniques with a range of public sector organi ...


Database Cleaner Find Duplicate Records And Clean Up Your Databases

Ashisoft, who provides data matching and data quality solutions for businesses of any size, has launched Database Cleaner, a software package that brings a real solution to dealing with complex data usability problems. The Data cleansing software ...

Datacon Technology joins EMC-3D consortium to develop cost effective 3D Thru-Silicon-Via interconnects

Company: EMC-3D
Datacon Technology joins EMC-3D consortium to develop cost effective 3D Thru-Silicon-Via interconnects Die bonding & sorting equipment manufacturer Datacon joins EMC-3D to provide high-precision assembly expertise to the Thru-Silicon-Via (TS ...


DataVision: One stop store for latest in electronics

With the increase in the demand for electronic products, a large number of companies have come into existence with the products from top brands under a common roof. Although online shopping is easy and convenient, it is difficult to find the best st ...

Dating Tips - How to have Your First Kiss

There are a lot associated with dating guidelines on how to kiss properly. But some of the folks out there are looking for advices upon how to get your first kiss, ahead of moving into particularly of kissing. Getting your first kiss needn't be har ...

David A. Kapelman, P.C. - Where Personal Injury is Taken Seriously!! http://www.kapelmanlaw.com/

Law Offices of David A. Kapelman is a law firm based in Manhattan, New York having more than 30 years of experience in handling complex personal injury cases. (April 2014) – Law is for the people and this is the philosophy with which David A. ...

David Miller und FIFA 15 Münzen zu verkaufen Sebastien

Ersten und der FIFA Münzen der Welt online immer noch die beste klassische Crossover-Gruppe Urs Bühler Carlos Marin David Miller und FIFA 15 Münzen zu verkaufen Sebastien Izambard haben über 26 Millionen Alben verkauft über 5 ...

DB/2 Administration for OS/390

Company: Testkingworld.org
IBM DB/2 Administration for OS/390 Test Training ...


DB2 9 Advanced DB Administrator for Linux, UNIX, and Windows

Company: Testkingworld.org
IBM DB2 9 Advanced DB Administrator for Linux, UNIX, and Windows Test Training ...


DB2 9 DBA for Linux, UNIX and Windows

Company: Testkingworld.org
Type or Copy and Paste Your text here, Only 2 IBM DB2 9 DBA for Linux, UNIX and Windows Test Training ...


DB2 9 Family Fundamentals

Company: Testkingworld.org
IBM DB2 9 Family Fundamentals Test Training ...


DB2 9 for z/OS Database Administrator

Company: Testkingworld.org
IBM DB2 9 for z/OS Database Administrator Test Training ...


DB2 9.7 Application Development

Company: Testkingworld.org
IBM DB2 9.7 Application Development Test Training ...

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