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9 Reasons for You to Opt Out of Content Management System!9 Reasons for You to Opt Out of Content Management System!
Posted On: 27-Jul-15
Rock Beeny152202
Cowan LRA ForecastLatest Cowan LRA Model's Sales Forecast Expectations For 2015, 2016
Posted On: 10-Nov-15
Mike Cowan163218
NVDIMMThe Case for Composite DIMMs with Non-Volatile Memory
Posted On: 02-Aug-15
Frank Ross163221
Health/Fitness (Bio)Sensors Sensor Application Research: Enriching Human Lives
Posted On: 19-Jul-15
Mandy Pant, Youssry Botros, Tanay Karnik166209
Block Mode InnovationSNIA’s New NVM Programming Model
Posted On: 26-Nov-15
Doug Voigt168262
Map the Supply ChainImplementing a Conflict - free Supply Chain: Intel’s Experience
Posted On: 18-Jul-15
Carolyn Duran PhD169255
Data Caching ServerPlug-and-play SAN-based Cache
Posted On: 25-Nov-15
Wayne Lam174254
Comparison of Memory TechnologiesNext Gen Flash on the Memory Bus
Posted On: 01-Aug-15
Rakesh Cheerla176234
Faster I/O speeds at lower power consumptionONFI 4.0: Faster I/O speeds at lower power consumption
Posted On: 07-Jul-15
Terry Grunzke184287
Soitec innovative substrates at the heart of electronic systemsSoitec innovative substrates at the heart of electronic systems
Posted On: 04-Aug-15
Paul Boudre187291
Flash-Fueled AnalyticsFlash Memory Benefits for Clould Computing
Posted On: 09-Oct-15
Vaughn Stewart 189275
Northern Temperature Fluctuations Challenge Agricultural Success Northern Temperature Fluctuations Challenge Agricultural Success
Posted On: 27-May-15
MadgeTech Marketing Team192192
Logging and ingesting mediaMEMORY & MEDIA - We Are “Fellow Travelers”
Posted On: 08-Aug-15
Cirina Catania197249
Innovative Industry SolutionsEmerging NVM - Enabling Next-Generation Data Storage Solutions
Posted On: 25-Nov-15
Steffen Hellmold198286
Flash VendorsIs It Possible To Transform A Native TLC- NAND Into An Enterprise-MLC?
Posted On: 23-Nov-15
Federico M. Benelli202293
Temporal Blocking EffectsUsing A Flash As Large And Slow Memory For Stencil Computations
Posted On: 24-Nov-15
Hiroko Midorikwa203280
NAND Flash ProcessFlash Storage For Industrial Applications
Posted On: 23-Nov-15
C.C. Wu208402
FTL StatisticsFlash Translation Layer Modelling to Enhance System Architecture
Posted On: 13-Oct-15
Robert Sykes210274
Nano- bio manufacturing consortiumEquipment and Materials Opportunities for Flexible Hybrid Electronics
Posted On: 30-Oct-15
Mike Ciesinski216286
Fabless Business ModelSilicon - Based Anodes For Lithium Ion Batteries
Posted On: 29-Oct-15
Fernando Gómez-Baquero Ph.D.218314
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