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Metal Oxide Hetero Junction Operation Nonvolatile Memory - MOHJO, Electronics

Metal Oxide Hetero Junction Operation  Nonvolatile Memory - MOHJO Metal Oxide Hetero Junction Operation Nonvolatile Memory - MOHJO

In this electronics presentations show the next generations for Nonvolatile Memory. Role of Electrode Materials in Bipolar Resistive Switching Devices. Classification of MOHJO devices with device structure and free energy.

A positive V pulse will move the oxygen ion into the vacancies Located near the metal electrode interface and patching otherwise breaking M-O-M-O chains and thereby decrease the resistance while the negative pulse will movie the oxygen vacancies into the interface region, and piling them up at metal interface, and increase the resistance. In site TEM Observation of Oxygen Vacancy Motion. 4DS proprietary process yields columnar polycrystalline PCMO which is fully CMOS compatible & high throughput.

Metal Oxide Heterojunction Characteristics of MOHJO two type devices first type device have a fast response time, good retention, good endurance but poor tunable their have difference in second type device which have a excellent tunable and retention excellent.

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