InP DHBTs by Leveraging Heterogeneous Integration

InP DHBTs by Leveraging Heterogeneous Integration

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Description: Deep Sub-Micron CoSMOS technology overview: combines latest CMOS and InP DHBTs for high performance mixed signal design. Integration approach: Epitaxial transfer and fabrication of InP HBTs on top of fully fabricated CMOS - InP/Si BiCMOS Process flow Device performance Thermal Management Thermal Vias Metallic Sub-Collector (MSC) Extends Thermal Limits. HBTs CMOS Heterogeneous Interconnect Differential Amplifier Test vehicle Next generation development Thermal limits Metallic Sub-Coll.

Author: James Chingwei Li, HRL Laboratories LLC (Fellow) | Visits: 1753 | Page Views: 1965
Domain:  High Tech Category: Semiconductors Subcategory: HBT 
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