Are SSDs a cheaper, greener, option

Are SSDs a cheaper, greener, option

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Description: This electronics presentation is about to identify and show are SSDs a cheaper, greener, option is writen by Ryan Smith who is a Sr. Manager–SSD Product Marketing, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. Most of the time, the drive is idle.

Boot Drives - Translate to dollars (TCO), Datacenter buying 25K servers/year, Save 7.61W per drive by moving to SSD, Servers are powered 24/7, Savings below does not consider cooling. These savings assume 100% idle and do not include any savings due to decreased cooling costs. Are SSDs a cheaper, greener, option for your boot drive? Oh, and did I mention SSDs happen to be faster? Decisions that affect power - Faster performance doesn’t necessarily mean more power.

If you are transferring same amount of data, faster performing drive will get to ‘idle’ faster. Slot tax - To go to the next incremental solution capacity, do you have to add another enclosure?-More power, more cooling, more cost!.

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