Accelerating Big Data Analytics with Smart Flash

Accelerating Big Data Analytics with Smart Flash

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Description: This electronic presentation is for dig data analytics with smart lash. The role of of Intelligent Flash Solutions in the Data Deluge. Demand for Storage Keeps Growing with Datacenter managers report that application performance not adequate.

Hard drive capacity gains slower than processor performance gains. The Data Deluge Gap between demand and existing solutions. The Challenge: Greenpower, a leading direct marketer of nutritional supplements, needed to improve the performance of SAS analytics beyond what SSDs could deliver.

The solution for this 1600GB LSI Nytro WarpDrive. Results is “By adding the Nytro WarpDrive card, we were able to improve the performance by 50% for the analytical runs compared to what we were able to get from our existing SSDs.” Decision support system analytics is a query test, LSI Nytro XD Solution increased database performance by 795%. Snapshot /restore of array done during testing to verify server side cache didn’t impact SAN storage features.

Historically Consumer driven, but Compute is next big driver to compute is much more difficult, More Flash will be used in Compute in 2014 than all Flash applications last year, LSI Flash Storage Processors managed 20% of Compute capacity in 2011.

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