Best Development Practices and Patterns Using ArcGIS  Runtime SDK for iOS

Best Development Practices and Patterns Using ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS

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Description: This electronic presentation from ArcGIS Development Practices and Patterns Using ArcGIS Run-time SDK for iOS. SDK Platforms are Android, JavaSE, QT, iOS, OS X, Windows, WPF. Main Agenda covered design the applications, How to become an Objective-C Jedi Master, ArcGIS Run-time SDK for iOS Ninja.

Dark Age of Objective-c. Before iOS development Objective-C didn't progress. The low-level nature of Objective-C turned into an advantage again and it might at least partly be responsible for the generally better performance of iOS compared to its competitors.

The world is 102100 (Web Mercator Auxiliary Sphere. Consume everything in 102100 or project graphics. Geometry Engine modifying geometry objects based on topological relationships Cuts, Clips, Buffer, etc.

Measuring Distance, Spatial Relationships, Contains, Crosses, Intersects. ARC Gotchas, Dead by ARC is a common mistake, Loops and forcing ARC to release. Let the compiler do the releasing for you.

partial Reference you want to project to AGSSpatialReference *sr = [AGSSpatialReference spatialReferenceWithWKID:4326]. Modifying Geometry Objects based on Topological Relationships. .

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* Default width and height in pixels. Change it to your required dimensions.

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