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    No ImageEven Zoolander and Hansel are mocking Trump over the Iowa 'couscous' You might think Derek Zoolander and Hansel are just stupid male models who don't pay attention to world events and politics. But it turns out they're pretty well informed. They know there's a presiden... More | Save |  Share  Email
    No ImageThe world's only opalised pearls, 65 million years in the making - CNET The world's first opalised pearls have been found in the Australian desert, dating back 65 million years, when it was covered by an inland sea.... More | Save |  Share  Email
    No ImageHow do the candidates stack up on social media? - CNET Presidential candidates are continuing to take their messages to the Internet, where social media networks offer a digital soap box. Here's how the candidates stack up ahead of the New Hampshire prima... More | Save |  Share  Email
    No ImageVideo: The history of photography in 5 minutes Thanks to the modern day smartphone, nearly everyone is a photographer these days. From Instagram and Facebook to Snapchat and Flickr, society today spends more time behind a camera lens and viewing p... More | Save |  Share  Email
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