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    Gore and gravy: Terrifying Thanksgiving films (pictures) - CNET

      Gather around the dinner table and count your blessings that you'll never run into these serial killers, Satanic turkeys and aliens. Many of these horror films are available to add to your streaming queue. ....more | Save |  Share  Email 25th Nov 2015 

    Horror movies to be thankful you survived watching - CNET

      Spend Thanksgiving watching these scary movies with killer turkeys, deranged family members and alien abductions. Just don't blame us if your family doesn't appreciate gore with their gravy. ....more | Save |  Share  Email 25th Nov 2015 

    Biosensors take shape as temporary tattoos (Tomorrow Daily 278 show notes) - CNET

      Chaotic Moon's "Tech Tat" is designed to be a temporary biomonitor. It can be placed anywhere on the human body, making it more discreet than a wrist wearable, and biometrics it gathers are sent to an easy to use app. ....more | Save |  Share  Email 25th Nov 2015 

    Your Black Friday shopping survival guide - CNET

      Ready to battle for deals? Bridget Carey helps you plan your strategy with tips on smartphone apps, where to find the best deals, and when to avoid the stores. ....more | Save |  Share  Email 25th Nov 2015 

    Pay what you want for 'The X-Files' comics on Humble Bundle - CNET

      Get all the aliens, mysterious monsters and conspiracy theories you want in this new Humble Bundle offering for IDW comics of "The X-Files." ....more | Save |  Share  Email 25th Nov 2015 

    Finding Life's Act II: How I Went From 'Chief Xbox Officer' to 'Civic Engineer' - The Good Men Project

      The Good Men Project When I took on the leadership of the Xbox project, we made up the title Chief Xbox Officer or CXO - an unofficial title that became a byline for my leadership i ....more | Save |  Share  Email 25th Nov 2015 

    Your last chance to become a sci-fi author and save the multiverse - CNET

      CNET asked the world to help us write a sci-fi novel, and the world has responded. There are still a few days left to add your voice and vision and help us shape a really crazy future. ....more | Save |  Share  Email 25th Nov 2015 

    Type these words into Google to awaken the Force - CNET

      Google has yet another way to celebrate the upcoming release of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," but is it more irritating than entertaining? ....more | Save |  Share  Email 25th Nov 2015 

    Assassin's Creed Syndicate Patch Notes for Xbox One and PS4 Released - CNET

      The patch includes a long list of fixes and improvements for the open-world game; see the full changelog here. ....more | Save |  Share  Email 25th Nov 2015 

    Apple wants you to have a saccharine, Stevie Wonderful Christmas - CNET

      Technically Incorrect: The iconic singer and Andra Day front Apple's festive ad. With the help of a MacBook Pro, of course. ....more | Save |  Share  Email 25th Nov 2015 

    Electric vehicles can keep quiet for a little while longer - CNET

      National Highway Traffic Safety Administration delays a mandate that would require electric vehicles to cater to the visually impaired. ....more | Save |  Share  Email 25th Nov 2015 

    Rushing to Join the IoT: Web-Enabled Window Blinds

      Two San Francisco startup incubators, two companies from Estonia, and two low-cost approaches to one idea: connecting existing window shades to the Internet ....more | Save |  Share  Email 25th Nov 2015 

    4 Apple Devices You Should Not Buy - The Cheat Sheet

      The Cheat Sheet Apple's iPod has long been rendered obsolete by the iPhone, and for most people, it just doesn't make sense to spend the money on purchasing one. The only exception would be the new iPod Touch, which was updated with an A8 chip ....more | Save |  Share  Email 25th Nov 2015 

    Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 is too sexist for Europe and US - Engadget

      Engadget Dead or Alive Xtreme 3, the game where you play volleyball as scantily clad women, won't be making its way to the US or Europe. Apparently, the game's publisher is worried about how Western audiences will react to the way ....more | Save |  Share  Email 25th Nov 2015 

    LG's Black Friday HDTV and 4K UHD Deals Revealed - HD Guru

      HD Guru black friday sale If you've been waiting to purchase an LG HDTV, 4K UHD TV or OLED TV on a Black Friday (BF) deal, it's the time to make your move. LG has quietly dropped the prices of 11 models, to BF prices with savings of ....more | Save |  Share  Email 25th Nov 2015 

    iPad Pro review: More like iPad Business Casual - Gizmag

      Gizmag The iPad Pro is a strange device. Like other Apple products, it has a premium, polished design and is (in some ways) delightful to use. But it also shows Apple playing the unfamiliar role of follower - and (in some ways) not doin ....more | Save |  Share  Email 25th Nov 2015 

    'Dragons Lair' movie project leaves Kickstarter, heads to Indiegogo - Engadget

      Engadget Don't worry, Dragon's Lair fans, the proposed feature-length project is still happening -- but it won't be raising money on Kickstarter. Creators Don Bluth and Gary Goldman have cancelled their or ....more | Save |  Share  Email 25th Nov 2015 

    Toyota reverses position, will replace millions of Takata airbag parts in Japan - CNET

      The automaker had previously claimed that 1.6 million airbag inflators were safe, but a recent accident turned that decision around. ....more | Save |  Share  Email 25th Nov 2015 

    The Life of Satoru Iwata, Late Nintendo CEO, Remembered in Documentary - Anime News Network

      Thousands paid their respect when Nintendo company president Satoru Iwata passed away in July, facing the brunt of typhoon at his service in Kyoto or leaving notes and letters at The Nintendo World Store in New ....more | Save |  Share  Email 25th Nov 2015 

    New study reveals mechanism behind extreme mass loss in hypergiant dying stars - Gizmag

      Gizmag Through observations of one of the largest stars known to exist in the Milky Way, a red hypergiant known as VY Canis Majoris, astronomers have been able to unravel the mystery as to how enormous stars shed vas ....more | Save |  Share  Email 25th Nov 2015 
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